Good Shepherd Fresco

The Church of the Good Shepherd in Fairhaven is a small white stucco building sitting lightly on a hill overlooking the Acushnet river and barely visible as one approaches the town traveling East on Interstate 195 through New Bedford. Its size might lead one to think it a wayside chapel, yet inside this tiny building can be found a man of truly gigantic proportions, standing 30 feet tall with a shoulder span of eight feet. He is the “Good Shepherd” of Fairhaven, a creation of lime, sand, water and pigments of various hues.

A person entering this church to worship may feel as though someone is staring at him from the rear wall of the church. There this Good Shepherd endlessly leads his flock, bearing a lamb in one arm and holding a staff in the other.

Our History

How thankful and proud the parishioners of the Mission Church of the Good Shepherd were when they held their first services in the newly built church in 1923, after almost primitive conditions in the Stone School House on North Street.


The church became noted not only for Worship, but also for their church suppers, entertainments, and even dances. We became a social outreach for the young people of No. Fairhaven.


Around 1950, the rector of that time had the house next to the church moved from Assonet to its present site on Main Street, to be used as a rectory. It proved to be too small, so it was used as a meeting place and was named "St. Hughes House".

The memorial stained glass window of the Good Shepherd over the altar, added reverence and beauty to the church. On February 25, 1972, a less traditional Good Shepherd Fresco was completed on the back wall by Robert W. Bruce.


In the 1980's, we became a parish under the guidance of the Rev. Philip Jacobs. Our church is a living memorial to those who gave of themselves toward the growth and continuance of our church. Written by Gladys Howcroft